Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer
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Currently HyTES flies on a Twin Otter and the ER2 aircraft. The Twin Otter is operated by Twin Otter International from Grand Junction, Colorado. The ER2 aircraft is operated by NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards, California.

Twin-Otter AircraftER2 Aircraft
twin-otter aircraft ER2 aircraft
aircraft aircraft
Twin-Otter AircraftER2 Aircraft
Range 2,000 Nmi Pixel Size 50 m
Airspeed 65kts Airspeed 410kts
Max Altitude 25,000ft Ceiling 70,000ft
Duration 5 hours (payload/weather dependent) Duration 8 hrs./3,800mi (max. flight altitude)
Power 5600W (200A MOD) or 8400W (300A MOD) Electric 28V DC and 400hz. AC
Onboard Operators 5 Seats 1 crew
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