Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer
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The specifications for HyTES are summarized in below:

Instrument CharacteristicHyTES
Mass (Scanhead) 12kg
Power 400W
Volume 1m x 0.5m (cylinder)
Number of pixels x track 512
Number of bands 256
Spectral Range 7.5 - 12 μm
Spectral Sampling Interval 4.5μm/256, i.e. 17 nm
Frame speed 35 or 22 fps
Integration time (1 scanline) 28 or 45 ms
Total Field of View 50 degrees
Calibration (preflight) Full Aperature Blackbody
Detector Temperature 40K
Spectrometer Temperature 100K
Slit Length and Width 20 mm x 39 μm
IFOV 1.7066
Pixel Size/Swath at 2,000 m flight altitude 3.41m/1868.33m
Pixel Size/Swath at 20,000 m flight altitude 34.13m/18683.31m
Saturation Temperatures see Figure below


hytes saturation temps