Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer
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HyTES 2023 Campaign in Europe

With a partnership with NASA/JPL, ESA, ASI and King's College London (KCL) a Europe Campaign will be focused on two type of airborne missions with ground equipment taking ground readings.   HyTES will be used to capture thermal and any gas readings based on determined locations.  Below is the status of the HyTES aircraft and continuing blog.

  1. Ken Borek Air (KBA) aircraft arrived on May 15th at Siena airport, Italy.
  2. HyTES instrument arrived May 18th with all ground equipment
  3. HyTES started cooling on May 19th
  4. British Antarctic Survey (BAS) aircraft arrives at Siena airport
  5. First JPL Radiometer deployed on tarmac at Siena airport on May 21st.
  6. Second JPL Radiometers and Onset water temperature loggers deployed at Grosseto field site on May 22nd
  7. First BAS flight was delayed because of fog on May 23rd
  8. Third JPL Radiometer deployed on black trap in Grosseto field site on May 24th.
  9. First KBA flight after approval from NASA/AFRC on May 25th
  10. First tandem flight of BAS and KBA aircraft on May 26th
  11. Tandem flight continue on May 28th
  12. Lightning show over airport on May 27th
  13. Rainbow appears over airport on May 31st