Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer
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HyTES - Kings College London Campaign

Enhanced sensor design developed by King's researchers could improve accuracy of monitoring for heatwaves and wildfires

The modified design was used for the first time by the team in a joint European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA airborne campaign in Italy between May and July 2023.

two aircraft

An enhanced sensor design developed by a team from the Department of Geography should improve the accuracy of a future European Space Agency (ESA) satellite mission which will contribute to monitoring heatwaves and wildfires.

Researchers from the Earth Observation and Wildfire research group at King’s have been participating in a multinational project co-funded by ESA and NASA to support the Land Surface Temperature Monitoring Mission (LSTM). The LSTM satellite mission, due to be launched in 2028, will record daily temperature data over urban and agricultural land across the globe. Among its aims are improving monitoring of heatwaves and forecasting food scarcity based on crop models.